Recovery Planning May 12th, 2020

Sector Support: Guidance for Industrial Work Camps


As companies across Alberta prepare to reopen their businesses safely, the Government of Alberta launched Alberta Biz Connect, a site the aggregates the supports being offered by the provincial government, as well as quick access to guidance on how to develop safe, comprehensive policies and practices to reopen businesses and adhere to the new operating guidelines.

In addition to the general guidelines for business owners, the Government of Alberta has put together specific guidance to support managers and operators of industrial work camps with guidance on risk assessment and management as it relates to COVID-19.

Work camp managers and operators must implement measures to provide for the protection of all individuals at the camp, including staff, clients and visitors (i.e., anyone coming on site that does not register as an overnight client, such as social visitors, delivery persons, repair persons, etc). It is important that information in this document be shared with staff and clients, and visitors to the work camp, as necessary.

The guide covers:

  • Information about COVID-19
  • Symptom monitoring, notification and isolation
  • Requirement to maintain contact information for all staff, clients and visitors
  • Transportation and coordination with work sites
  • Quarantine requirements
    • Post international travel quarantine requirements
  • Rapid response plan development
  • General prevention measures
    • Physical distancing
    • Hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
    • General cleaning and sanitizing
    • Screening visitors
  • Managing gatherings
    • Work camp food facilities
  • Food handling
  • Appendix A: COVID-19 Rapid Response Plan – Responding to an Elevated Risk of COVID-19

Download the full guide

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