Recovery Planning May 15th, 2020

Going Back Together: Reopening Our Community Safely


Our community has been through a lot. We’ve had our share of ups and downs. But no matter what, our people take care of each other. We support each other in whatever way we can. We all do our part.

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen and flood recovery continues, many of us will return to work. Things are going to be different—for every industry, company, and employee. People have questions and need support to do it right.

The aim of this campaign is to help provide that support to employers and employees through this reopening. While economic recovery is crucial for our region, it is also imperative that we do it safely. To do that, we must to do it together.

This campaign has been developed by the Business Recovery Task Force, comprised of business leaders in our community. The Task Force was established by the Wood Buffalo Economic Development Corporation.

Campaign Support Guide

This Campaign Support Guide aims to provide you with information and resources to support the ‘Going Back Together’ campaign, which will help amplify the message of the campaign throughout our community.

Download the Campaign Support Guide


We’ve created some posters for you to use on site, to keep this campaign top of mind.

Facebook & Instagram

We’ve put together a few images you can use to promote the campaign on Facebook & Instagram.

LinkedIn & Twitter

We’ve put together a few images you can use to promote the campaign on LinkedIn & Twitter.

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