Financial Support May 12th, 2020

Disaster Recovery Program Now Accepting Applications for 2020 Northern Alberta Floods


The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and McKenzie County have been approved for Disaster Recovery Programs to help residents, businesses and not-for-profit organizations recover financially from flooding that occurred in 2020. Online applications are now open to eligible businesses and residents.

Eligible small business, not-for-profit institutions, condo associations, cooperatives and farmers can download and fill out a PDF application and submit it via email.

Application Process

  1. Contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage for your losses/damages due to the disaster event.
  2. If your losses/damages are not covered, submit your application to the Alberta Emergency Management Agency within 90 days of a disaster recovery program being approved for your community.
  3. A case manager is assigned to work with you on your file.
  4. An assessment is completed to determine if you qualify for assistance.

If you qualify, you then continue with these additional steps:

  1. Submit your insurance information.
  2. We will then evaluate your damages.
  3. You are required to submit materials to support your application.
  4. The amount you are eligible for is calculated as per the Alberta Homeowner and Small Business Disaster Assistance Guidelines.
  5. You receive a payment for your eligible amount.
  6. Your file is closed.

Submit your application

If you are an eligible small business or not-for-profit institution, complete this fillable PDF application form and email it to, or mail it to:

Alberta Emergency Management Agency
5th Floor, Terrace Building
9515 107 Street NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5K 2C1

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