Recovery Planning May 11th, 2020

Dentons Return to Work Employer Toolkit


To help their Canadian clients navigate business issues during COVID-19, Dentons has been releasing various insights and guides. As the pandemic has progressed, employment legislation has been amended across the country, and new federal and provincial assistance and benefits packages have been released. It has been challenging for businesses to stay abreast of these changes, and to integrate them quickly and efficiently in their workplaces. As employers i prepare for the various return to work stages outlined by the Government of Alberta, they will be faced with more issues and challenges they must navigate.

Dentons has prepared this toolkit to help. Topics covered include:

  • Temporary layoffs: Extensions, recalls and other Issues
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Managing workplace health and safety
  • Other considerations

Please note that the information provided in this Toolkit does not constitute legal or professional advice, or a legal opinion. Each employer will need to create its own plans for its employees, as well as for its business at large, having regard to the nature of its business.

Download the toolkit.

For more information, visit Dentons website.

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